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Mission Statement

The Society for Women* in Philosophy Switzerland (SWIP CH) is a non-profit association established in September 2017. It serves to build a supportive network of women* philosophers working in the scientific field in Switzerland and aims to combat gender inequality on all academic levels in the field of philosophy. SW*IP CH works to create platforms, events, and networks to connect women* and their allies to create a support network, educate about issues which impact them in academia, to provide career support resources to women* as well as provide space to discuss issues that impact them generally.​

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Aims of the association according to Art. 2.3 of the by-laws:

  • Facilitation and promotion of cooperation to support women in philosophy

  • Support of women in philosophy

  • Increasing the visibility and reception of philosophical works of women

  • Implementation of feminist perspectives in and on philosophy

  • Preparation of relevant information for women in philosophy

  • Increasing awareness and promoting responsibility for current and past (intended and unintended) discrimination of women in philosophy

  • End the discrimination of women in philosophy

Our Mission

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